Article Output Challenge for 9-24-09 Winner Revealed!

914885_winners_diceThe day has come to an end and one lucky person has guessed the correct number of articles I wrote today. A simple task, but it helped to keep me motivated throughout the day. 

People submitted their guesses via the comment section and via tweets. So, without further adieu, my total number of articles completed was: 


That means @screenwritr, who submitted a revised guess at the last minute, wins! I think I might not allow revising bids in the future, but since I didn’t specify this time, you’re the winner! Contact me with your shipping address and my copy of The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum is yours.

I think this was a decent success with seven entries–not too bad for my new blog. Maybe it’ll be a weekly thing? Or whenever I have a book to give away?

Thanks to everyone for playing and for helping me stay motivated. You guys rock!

4 thoughts on “Article Output Challenge for 9-24-09 Winner Revealed!

    • Today I was writing articles for Demand Studios. A lot of them shared similar research, so that saved me some time. The topic for today hovered around urinary tract infections. Yay? =)

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