“Wake Up Weight” Published

250133728_1feee80d2fSorry I’ve been remiss in my posting lately, but life sometimes beckons me away from this blogging thing. I just wanted to let you know that I had a short-short story published today over at Six Sentences called “Wake Up Weight.”

And a tidbit of background information for you: I actually woke up a few weeks ago and felt like someone was sitting next to me. It was weird, but I’m glad for brain misfires, because creativity bounds in those awkward, “Am I awake or am I dreaming?” moments.

More soon, I promise.

3 thoughts on ““Wake Up Weight” Published

    • I did not know that! Wow, you learn something everyday. =)

      And thanks. I’m glad you liked it. I seem to do better with these micro stories. Now, if only I could get my longer fiction in line.

  1. Kaolin is right. I kicked the hell out of my dog once because I woke up and he(40 lbs) was sprawled across my legs. It was an unconscious move for the most part but i felt bad afterwards. It was just so freaky to wake up and not be able to put your feet on the floor.

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