My Novel Sucks and Other Affirmations

I think we all hit that stage. You know, where your writing is going along swimmingly until one day you realize you’ve used a word like “swimmingly?” Yeah. That’s where I am right now.

I shall brood in a stew of self-pity.

I started my novel about four weeks ago. I had only the vaguest idea of plot, but that was okay. I let myself ramble and write the story into whatever direction the characters wanted to go. And you know what? It was liberating.

But after much meandering, I figured out some major plot elements. That should make me happy, right? No such luck. In fact, it’s just made me realize how much the first part of the novel sucks and will need to be scraped and completely rewritten.

I’ve hit 37k words and I feel like many of my scenes run around in circles or follow a similar pattern. They look like this:

1. Characters fly somewhere.
2. Characters encounter a big beasty.
3. Characters narrowly escape.
4. Repeat.

What’s terrible is I’m aware of the pattern yet it keeps happening. I can’t stop the train from derailing!

Pardon my ramblings, but this just gets so frustrating. I guess it makes sense though. I’m approaching that dreaded “middle of the book” territory. You know, the part where if your book was a physical entity at this point you’d throw it across the room, fetch it, set it on fire and print out another copy just so you can destroy it again?


I guess I better go finish this chapter.