Short Story Published and General Updatery

I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties. For that, I apologize. However, I’m pretty excited to report that my short story, The Girl Who Had Six Fingers was accepted by Apex Magazine for their October issue. You can go read it right now. Really. I’ll wait.

Just when I get discouraged, something happens to turn everything around. My latest WIP still blows, but hey, I’m published people! I want to thank Cat Valente for finding my story worthy of the great pages of Apex. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone with her talent think I don’t suck. Again, thank you.

Since I last posted, I’ve gotten nearly to the end of my pretty much untitled fantasy novel. It lacks an end at this point because I need to jet back to the beginning and fix some continuity things. Without the fixes, the end won’t be clear, so for my own sanity, this is what I have to do. Not ideal, but it’s the only way I see this book ever getting done.

Halloween’s coming up and that makes me unbelievably excited. It’s the best time of year. Our apartment is decorated with assorted gravestones, Spookytown houses, pirate gear and a Halloween tree. But my favorite decorations are these super cute silhouettes from Jo-Ann’s. They’re shaped like rats and they dot the baseboards in mid-scurry. Now all we need is a chill in the air. If you read the news, I’m sure you heard that last Monday we had record heat at 113 degrees in Los Angeles. Doesn’t exactly scream, “Welcome to Autumn,” does it? My costume is slowly arriving. Hubby and I are going to a costume ball this year and we’ll be decked out in steampunk gear. I’m pretty excited to sport some seriously awesome boots. I got them on clearance for half their normal price, but it looks like they’re not available anymore. On a side note, I’m addicted to Etsy. Really, it’s a dangerous temptation for a person with limited cash and never-ending want for the shiny. This post sounds like I’m trying to sell you stuff. I just really love Halloween, folks and want to share my finds.

That’s pretty much it for now. More posts coming shortly as I delve into a few writing issues. I’ve always got some of those. Also, expect some Halloween costume updates. Not sure if you care about that, but it’s fun.

Until next time. And thanks to all who take a moment to read my short story.

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