W1S1 Update 01 – Slogging Through June

Picking up writing like an old habit.

Since I started in on the Write 1, Sub 1 mania two weeks ago, I’ve been writing more than I have in a long time. Emphasis on the long. Even so, I’m having trouble striking a balance between writing and submitting. I’d let several older stories lapse into computer folder fodder instead of sending them out consistently, so there’s an element of playing catch up involved. I also have several stories that I’d stopped working on halfway through or at first draft, so there’s that needing attention as well.

Anything I’ve written brand new in the past two weeks has not been submitted yet. They just aren’t done cooking. Not yet anyway. But I have plenty of submissions out from older works. Am I cheating? Is this allowed? Have I broken a vital rule of the W1S1 code? Will I be flogged for my disobedience? So many questions.

For those who are interested, however, here’s a brief rundown of my story submissions and writing status as of this moment:

  • Fiction Submissions: 9
  • Poem Submissions: 2
  • Rejections: 2
  • Revisions Required on Old Stories: 2
  • Revisions Required on New stories: 3
  • Drafts in Progress: 1

That’s pretty much it for now. How is your W1S1 venture going or just writing and submitting in general?


3 thoughts on “W1S1 Update 01 – Slogging Through June

  1. Hi Brenda

    Sounds like you’re starting off the challenge really well. Awesome! Nah, no flogging. I usually don’t submit my W1S1 stories until the month after i’ve written them. In fact, i have one that was written back in March that i still haven’t subbed yet.

    It’s great to hear that you’re writing up a storm!

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