AW June Blog Chain: Setting the Scene

This is the first time I’m participating in a blog chain, but I’m excited to jump right in. Absolute Write is a great site. I highly suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already. The support from other writers there is incalculable!

The previous person in the chain was: Aheïla

The next person in the chain is: TheMindKiller

This month’s prompt is “Setting the Scene”

Write a location description, and make us feel as if we are there. No dialogue, no introductory comments, just a location. We’re the tourists, you’re the guide.

Here’s my entry. I did a little something different. I made the description a tiny story:

The house on the corner of Nowhere Street smelled of burning cinder. It wasn’t on fire, but the pungent aroma of crispy, overdone things wafted out to the street. I’d hold my breath when walking by it on the way home from school, hoping I wouldn’t have to draw the toxic fumes into my lungs. But I always smelled it on my clothes later anyway. 
The  siding crumbled off the house, leaving more gray splotches than white paint and brown vine tendrils snaked from inside around the front door like a giant spider’s legs. I faced the front door. I had to sit on the cobweb covered bench for one whole minute or the bet was off. As I sat, I could have sworn those tendrils were creeping around the door’s hinges and in and out of the mail slot. 
The timer on my stopwatch buzzed. I ran from the porch and turned my back on the house on the corner on Nowhere Street. I’d never go home again. 

I’d love to hear what you think.

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24 thoughts on “AW June Blog Chain: Setting the Scene

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  2. See I read it a different way. I read it as she never made it back home. That the house got her. I don’t know if you were going for creepy, but that’s the vibe I got.
    Always love stories about old houses. This has the ears marks of a great spook story.
    One thing, though. I originally thought she was sitting on a bench by the sidewalk not on the porch.
    “Like giant spders legs” Ewww!

    • Thanks! It was intended to be creepy, yes. I think it could be both interpretations–she lived there and couldn’t take the madness inside anymore so she left or she lived elsewhere and was snatched up by the monster. I love old creepy house stories, too! There’s so much implied history in them when done right. Thanks about the comment regarding the porch. That isn’t very clear and if I do anything with this snippet, I’ll be sure to fix that. Thanks!

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  4. I read the ending differently. I thought she turned her back on the house and the vines got her and she was pulled into the decrepit house.

    • I’m embracing this idea more and more. My original intent was for this to be a symbolic way for her to turn her back on her home and abandon the madness within it. within the confines of the typical haunted house plot. I may have some tinkering to do. =) Thanks for reading!

      • Ah if you are curious to know Dale and I must have been commenting at the same time because his post wasn’t there when I began my comment.

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  7. Man, she should definitely just run straight in the front door and begin some creepy adventure through that house, lol. This is the good start to something creepy. Keep going 🙂

  8. I LOVED the description of the vines like spider legs coming out of the house. Soo creepy! I would so love to see her go back into her old house because something inside caught her eye or something like that. I could so get sucked into a story like this. A girl revisiting her old, run down home. Murky things lying inside. Shadow moving in the broken out windows. *shiver* Great job!

  9. I loved the description of the smell at the beginning. It immediately drew me in to the creepy vibe. I love stories like this with the creepy house on the corner, the one everyone gets dared to see on Halloween :).

  10. Great description! I loved the scent you included, too. Always good to describe via all the senses 🙂 This was super-creepy (in a good way!), especially that ominous last line…

  11. Loved it. I thought she had lived there once upon a time but the house burned (I know it’s not on fire NOW) long enough ago for cobwebs and vines to have taken over. Maybe she just barely escaped the first time, maybe it was the only true “home” she’d ever known, even though it now frightens her…. I love that there’s lots of different ways to interpret it.

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