W1S1 Update 02 – June Wrap Up

Write 1 Sub 1This is really the first month I’ve been doing this Write 1, Sub 1 thing and it’s been pretty great so far. The whole point is writing consistently and consistently sending out your work on a regular basis. I’ll post my sub stats as the end of this post, but I can tell you right now, the whole effort has been well worth it.

I have 12 stories on submission right now. Of those, I wrote 3 from the beginning this month and performed major rewrites on two. So, I guess I didn’t really accomplish the writing a story a week thing, but with all the rewrites I needed to do, it still feels like a major win to me.

Here’s all my sub stats for the month:

  • 16 story submissions
  • 2 poetry submissions
  • 5 rejections
  • 3 stories need major revisions

As if I need anymore on my plate, I’m working on my novel again, Dr. Fantastic’s Prodigious Prestidigitator. I got 1,188 words down today on it bringing the whole manuscript up to 37,401. I’m at the halfway point now, which in retrospect, makes sense why I got frustrated with it in January and set it aside for a while. But after a thorough reread and making some notes, I’m ready to jump back in, full steam ahead. And many other mixed metaphors.

I hope June made for much writing and submitting for you, too!

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