A Mid-August W1S1 Update

I haven’t done a W1S1 (Write 1, Sub 1 for the uninitiated) in a while, so I thought what better time than the present?

I had to drop back to W1S1 Monthly due to a combination of factors. The day job has become more demanding in the last month. Likewise, I’m working on a novel and that eats a significant amount of my writing time and creativity. The good news is after tearing apart my novel in the last few weeks, it’s back on track and going smoothly. The draft stands at about 48k words right now. Onward! And Socorro the Mysterious has found himself in quite the predicament. But isn’t that what happens to haphazard magicians that don’t know the power of the devices they wield?

As for short fiction, I finished a short story and submitted it yesterday. It wound up at 3,100 words. This is one that I started last month. It took some time to get “right,” but after a run through beta readers and some polishing, I’m fairly satisfied with the outcome.

Tonight, after completing day job work, I hope to write a draft of a story for an anthology and write the next chapter of Dr. Fantastic. Though I may be asking a bit too much of myself. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “A Mid-August W1S1 Update

    • He’s the mediocre magician and main character of my novel, “Dr. Fantastic’s Prodigious Prestidigitator.” Why, oh why did I make the title such a mouthful? lol

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