“Maribelle Remembers Ice” Published at Niteblade

I have a new short story up at Niteblade today. It’s called “Maribelle Remembers Ice.” Here’s an excerpt:

Maribelle’s eyes open. This time will be different, she thinks and looks to her right. Sea urchins stick out of the ice cave’s walls, purple spines swaying whenever the wind disturbs them and bumblebees freeze in the air, on the verge of buzzing, but never quite.

Read the rest on the site and be sure to check out the rest of the issue as well. There’s some great stuff in there! There’s even an illustration by Marge Simon for my story, which is so beyond awesome. “Maribelle” started as a free-writing exercise. I had an image of a woman in an ice hut, waking from a dream, surrounded by sea urchins in my head and the story tumbled out from there. It goes down a dark path, but I hope you enjoy it.