Baby Barron: Putting it to a Vote

Matt and I have been struggling with trying to name our little girl for a few months now. We’ve narrowed it down to two options. We felt like we were accomplishing something. We even took to referring to her by each name every other day to get a feel for them. We thought for sure one name would stand out.

Unfortunately, now we just alternate days and she’s both names and we’ve yet to make a decision. We love both names for different reasons. So, we’re taking it to you, Internets! I’ve included both name options below along with where we got the name ideas from for your reference. Then, if you’d be so kind, vote for your favorite in the comments section.

1. Auri – from The Name of the Wind. We love how the name sounds and looks.

2. September – from The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. We love that the character is an accurate representation of a little girl.

Thank you for your input! Feel free to pass this along to your friends. The more votes the better. This has been driving us crazy and it’s decision time. 🙂

The Book of Apex: Volume Three of Apex Magazine is Out Now!

I’ve been extremely remiss in blogging here, I apologize. Life is busy and I’ve lost track of time. But I still wanted to let you all know that The Book of Apex: Volume Three of Apex Magazine is now out in both print and eBook formats and I’m in it! Not to mention, it features awesome stories by the likes of Seanan McGuire, Theodora Goss, Ian Tregillis, Cat Rambo, Peter M. Ball, and more.

My story, “The Girl Who Had Six Fingers,” was published in Apex back in October 2010. To date, it’s my only pro-sale, so I treasure it like a dragon treasures its hoard.

You can buy the eBook version straight from Apex Publications.

Or, if you’d rather have a print copy, it’s available at Amazon.

For being loyal readers, I have a discount code for you. Be sure to input the following code at checkout to get 10% off:


Pretty cool, right?