Okay, So I Suck At This



I should never make broad generalizations like, “I’m going to keep this blog updated from now on,” anymore. Really. As soon as the words appear on the screen and I hit publish it’s like I’ve jinxed myself. This has happened enough times for me to know better. So no more grand proclamations. Wait, was that a proclamation in and of itself?

Never mind. Working on short stories again (finally!). I get so sidetracked by life sometimes, but I need to focus. The TV needs to go off and I need to have my nose buried in a book or my fingers typing furiously. How else do I expect to write something that’s actually palatable for once?

Sci-fi/fantasy novel is on hold for the moment. I need to get back in the storytelling groove (if I was ever in one) before I attempt a lengthy work again. Several stories are out on submission. Got a rejection today that said my story lacked purpose. Yikes. The good news? It was a personal rejection. These small things matter to writers. Trust me. But I sent the story in question right back out again. Another rejection would be number three, so if that time comes I’ll hit revisions again.

0843955430.01.LZZZZZZZIn other news, I’m working on calligraphy as a hobby. It’s supposed to be soothing and relaxing but right now it’s just frustrating. And my hand hurts! I hold the pen too hard. Always have. [Makes note to self to work on that].

Wedding planning is moving right along. We have quite a few things to do in August, so that should all be exciting.

Just finished reading “The Girl Next Door” by Jack Ketchum last week. Really disturbing. But I have to say, a gripping story that held my interest all the way through. Going to start “The Blood Canticle” by Anne Rice tonight, I think. Going to wrap that series up, once and for all.


On the movie front, I’ve seen quite a few interesting ones lately. “Lars and The Real Girl” is really wonderful. It’s sweet but not saccharine, funny and poignant. You’ll like it. I promise. Saw “Network,” too (thank god for Netflix) and though it’s a classic, it was a tad lengthy. Good to know where that “I’m mad as hell and not going to take this anymore,” business comes from though.

My fiance bought “Coraline” last weekend and we watched it together again (saw it in the theater when it came out in February). It’s one of my favorite movies. Visually beautiful and disturbing. A really different take on classic themes. And there are points in the film that stand your hair on end. Creepy stuff that stays with you. Now if I could only get the “Other Father’s” song out of my head…