The TARDIS Fetus – A Conversation

I had a midwife appointment yesterday, which I know sounds terribly exciting to you all. But that’s not the purpose of this post. Rather, it helps set the scene, the mood, if you will.

After learning all sorts of things about breaking waters, baby poop, and funduses (fundi?) we ate dinner at an awesome burger place because it was free burger night and seriously, who can pass up a freakin’ free burger?

So we’re eating and discussing our ultrasound appointment next week and how excited we are to find out if it’s a boy or girl. Of course the “anatomy scan” is done to make sure the baby is healthy, that it’s heart is doing okay, etc. The following conversation is what transpired:

Me: The scan will show how the baby’s heart is doing and stuff.

Matt: What if it has two hearts? OMG, what if it’s a Timelord?!

Me: That would be awesome.

Matt: I don’t know, it might be bad. Do you really want a Timelord in there?

Me: Yeah, you don’t want it regenerating. I mean, ouch.

Matt: Why would it need to regenerate in the womb?

Me: I don’t know. It might! Still, River Song was sort of a Timelord and she was birthed normally.

Matt: That’s true.

Me: So, it’d still be awesome.

Matt: Are we actually having this conversation?

As if there were every any doubt, we are such nerds.