Niteblade Blog Train – What a Difference

…a year makes.

First of all, let me just say Happy Anniversary to Niteblade. I volunteered to be a part of the blog train to celebrate the magazine’s fifth anniversary because I love what they publish and think they fill a lovely niche in the speculative market. Yes, they published me, but I’m not biased, I swear 🙂

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I thought it would be difficult to come up with a suitable post topic to tie into Niteblade in some way. However, I took a look at the calendar and realized that I was published by this magazine almost a year ago. My story, Maribelle Remembers Ice, appeared in the September 2011 issue. It was one of my first acceptances after seriously committing to W1S1. It was a story I wrote in the middle of the night in a fit of insomnia. And I realized I’m such a different person now than I was then. Well, I’m the same in that I’m still Brenda. I don’t have black hair anymore, but I still listen to Daft Punk when trying to get work done. I still go to Starbucks way too much and I still fan girl over Doctor Who regularly. But still, I feel different.

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve spent the majority of this year pregnant. If you’d told me that would be the case this time last year, I’d have laughed at you. “Me? Pregnant? Pshh. That’ll never happen.” I never painted a future for myself with kids in it. Never saw myself as a mother. Never even thought I’d be able to rise to that challenge. I’m too broken. My brain doesn’t function like everyone else’s. I’m not cut out for this.

And still, here I am. And I’m happy that I’m here. Yes, my writing has tapered off a bit in the past couple of months, but there will be time for finishing novels tomorrow. Today, I’m about to embark on the biggest change in my life ever. Thanks, Niteblade for reminding me of where I was and where I am. Things are different. I’m different. That will likely reflect in my writing. But there’s one thing that will never change. I am a writer.

Now let’s see where I’ll be a year from now…

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Come One Come All to the Niteblade Fundraiser

If you haven’t heard, Niteblade Magazine is running a pretty spiffy fundraiser all week from April 16 to 20th. There are all sorts of cool prizes you can win, and who doesn’t like prizes, am I right?

Donating will help the magazine offset its operating costs for another year. Why not pitch in?

They published a story of mine last year and are made up of some pretty cool people. Head on over there, read some stories, and if you’re feeling generous, donate. You could bid on or win things like short story critiques, knitted scarves, signed ARCs, books, or even a crocheted two-headed squeaky dog. I’ve got my eye on that last one.

So go on, spread the word, and keep this high quality publication afloat for another year.

Short Story Nominated for Pushcart Prize

I received some rather exciting news yesterday. A short story of mine that was published in September, “Maribelle Remembers Ice,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Rhonda Parrish, editor of Niteblade, nominated my story along with five other pieces for consideration for the small press award.

This is pretty awesome. I’m honored that my story was included. Pardon me while I go perform a celebratory dance.

“Maribelle Remembers Ice” Published at Niteblade

I have a new short story up at Niteblade today. It’s called “Maribelle Remembers Ice.” Here’s an excerpt:

Maribelle’s eyes open. This time will be different, she thinks and looks to her right. Sea urchins stick out of the ice cave’s walls, purple spines swaying whenever the wind disturbs them and bumblebees freeze in the air, on the verge of buzzing, but never quite.

Read the rest on the site and be sure to check out the rest of the issue as well. There’s some great stuff in there! There’s even an illustration by Marge Simon for my story, which is so beyond awesome. “Maribelle” started as a free-writing exercise. I had an image of a woman in an ice hut, waking from a dream, surrounded by sea urchins in my head and the story tumbled out from there. It goes down a dark path, but I hope you enjoy it.