AW June Blog Chain: Setting the Scene

This is the first time I’m participating in a blog chain, but I’m excited to jump right in. Absolute Write is a great site. I highly suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already. The support from other writers there is incalculable!

The previous person in the chain was: Aheïla

The next person in the chain is: TheMindKiller

This month’s prompt is “Setting the Scene”

Write a location description, and make us feel as if we are there. No dialogue, no introductory comments, just a location. We’re the tourists, you’re the guide.

Here’s my entry. I did a little something different. I made the description a tiny story:

The house on the corner of Nowhere Street smelled of burning cinder. It wasn’t on fire, but the pungent aroma of crispy, overdone things wafted out to the street. I’d hold my breath when walking by it on the way home from school, hoping I wouldn’t have to draw the toxic fumes into my lungs. But I always smelled it on my clothes later anyway. 
The  siding crumbled off the house, leaving more gray splotches than white paint and brown vine tendrils snaked from inside around the front door like a giant spider’s legs. I faced the front door. I had to sit on the cobweb covered bench for one whole minute or the bet was off. As I sat, I could have sworn those tendrils were creeping around the door’s hinges and in and out of the mail slot. 
The timer on my stopwatch buzzed. I ran from the porch and turned my back on the house on the corner on Nowhere Street. I’d never go home again. 

I’d love to hear what you think.

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