A Novel Disparity: Setting Myself Up for Failure?

I’ve noticed something lately. When I sit down to work on my novel, I approach it in a straightforward manner. Plot a scene, write it, make notes. The story is linear and falls within a rather traditional science fiction vein.

Then there’s my short stories, which are free-flowing and often resemble prose poetry. They deal with fantastic creatures and death and morbid worldly topics set in otherworldly locations.

There’s a disparity between the two, the long form and the short form.

For those of you more experienced in this than I, will this hurt me? Is this a detriment to my writing career right out of the gate? Though I love the free verse feel of my short stories, I’m not sure if I could utilize that for a novel length work.

How do your novels and short stories compare? Vastly different or one in the same? I’d love to hear your thoughts.