A Very W1S1 New Year: A Review

I realize this is late for a year-in-review post, but this is really more for my own amusement and record than anything else. Self-indulgent? Maybe. But here it goes anyway.

As a part of 2011, I joined the W1S1 effort. That is, I strived to write and submit a story each week. Though I started in June, I kept on track for quite a bit. I eventually dropped back to the monthly version of the challenge because I was trying to finish the draft of my novel. Still, I kept up with that version as well.

So, what’s the verdict?

The six months I participated in W1S1 in 2011, I wrote more stories than I ever had before in any previous year. Here’s some stats:

Drafted: 16 brand new stories

Revised: 12 stories

Submitted these 12 stories along with 7 others from 2010

Rejections: 99

Acceptances: 4

Pending: 14 (including 5 subs made in 2012)

I don’t like making new year’s resolutions, but I feel confident this year is going to be a good one for writing. Though it’s somewhat out of my control, I’d like to make several more sales this year, including to pro markets. I’d like to be able to join the SFWA by the end of the year.

Nothing’s guaranteed, but I know I won’t get anywhere unless I write. And write. And write some more. And once I’m done, I need to submit. And submit. And submit some more.

Here’s to a prosperous 2012 everyone!


A Mid-August W1S1 Update

I haven’t done a W1S1 (Write 1, Sub 1 for the uninitiated) in a while, so I thought what better time than the present?

I had to drop back to W1S1 Monthly due to a combination of factors. The day job has become more demanding in the last month. Likewise, I’m working on a novel and that eats a significant amount of my writing time and creativity. The good news is after tearing apart my novel in the last few weeks, it’s back on track and going smoothly. The draft stands at about 48k words right now. Onward! And Socorro the Mysterious has found himself in quite the predicament. But isn’t that what happens to haphazard magicians that don’t know the power of the devices they wield?

As for short fiction, I finished a short story and submitted it yesterday. It wound up at 3,100 words. This is one that I started last month. It took some time to get “right,” but after a run through beta readers and some polishing, I’m fairly satisfied with the outcome.

Tonight, after completing day job work, I hope to write a draft of a story for an anthology and write the next chapter of Dr. Fantastic. Though I may be asking a bit too much of myself. We’ll see.

W1S1 Update 02 – June Wrap Up

Write 1 Sub 1This is really the first month I’ve been doing this Write 1, Sub 1 thing and it’s been pretty great so far. The whole point is writing consistently and consistently sending out your work on a regular basis. I’ll post my sub stats as the end of this post, but I can tell you right now, the whole effort has been well worth it.

I have 12 stories on submission right now. Of those, I wrote 3 from the beginning this month and performed major rewrites on two. So, I guess I didn’t really accomplish the writing a story a week thing, but with all the rewrites I needed to do, it still feels like a major win to me.

Here’s all my sub stats for the month:

  • 16 story submissions
  • 2 poetry submissions
  • 5 rejections
  • 3 stories need major revisions

As if I need anymore on my plate, I’m working on my novel again, Dr. Fantastic’s Prodigious Prestidigitator. I got 1,188 words down today on it bringing the whole manuscript up to 37,401. I’m at the halfway point now, which in retrospect, makes sense why I got frustrated with it in January and set it aside for a while. But after a thorough reread and making some notes, I’m ready to jump back in, full steam ahead. And many other mixed metaphors.

I hope June made for much writing and submitting for you, too!

W1S1 Update 01 – Slogging Through June

Picking up writing like an old habit.

Since I started in on the Write 1, Sub 1 mania two weeks ago, I’ve been writing more than I have in a long time. Emphasis on the long. Even so, I’m having trouble striking a balance between writing and submitting. I’d let several older stories lapse into computer folder fodder instead of sending them out consistently, so there’s an element of playing catch up involved. I also have several stories that I’d stopped working on halfway through or at first draft, so there’s that needing attention as well.

Anything I’ve written brand new in the past two weeks has not been submitted yet. They just aren’t done cooking. Not yet anyway. But I have plenty of submissions out from older works. Am I cheating? Is this allowed? Have I broken a vital rule of the W1S1 code? Will I be flogged for my disobedience? So many questions.

For those who are interested, however, here’s a brief rundown of my story submissions and writing status as of this moment:

  • Fiction Submissions: 9
  • Poem Submissions: 2
  • Rejections: 2
  • Revisions Required on Old Stories: 2
  • Revisions Required on New stories: 3
  • Drafts in Progress: 1

That’s pretty much it for now. How is your W1S1 venture going or just writing and submitting in general?

W1S1: Or, How to Go On and Be a Writer Already

So I recently found out about a little thing called Write 1 Sub 1 or W1S1 for short. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Your task, should you take on the challenge, is to write one story and submit one story within a time frame you choose (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc). I don’t know how closely I’ll be able to hold fast to this, but it’s a good motivator nonetheless and if the main blog where this all started isn’t enough motivation, there’s also an excellent (and very encouraging) community over at Absolute Write should you decide to join in the fray.

Write 1 Sub 1What I like most about this challenge is it’s helping me focus. I’ve written several stories that never ended up on submission because I felt they weren’t “there.” As I revisit them now, a tweak here and revision there is all they really needed. Perspective. I need more of it.

While some people can put pen to paper without external motivators, I find writing communities, contests, prompts and groups of people to hold you accountable extremely motivating. Presumably, you’re all in the same boat together, which is great when all you need is a little commiseration.

Since joining in on the fun, I have 4 older stories out on sub and I’ve written 3 new drafts. I likely won’t be able to keep up this pace, but I’m taking advantage of it now.

I’m off to write. Or edit. Or do something productive in the way of words. What are you working on right now? What writing groups, contests or challenges have you found motivating? Let me know in the comments!