Talk Like A Pirate Day – The Rat Edition

Today was Talk Like a Pirate Day. This may have been confusing for some who didn’t know of this glorious day, with all the “arrs” and “avast me mateys.” Nevertheless, today is meant for honoring all that is piracy in the grand old romanticized sense of the term. 

In honor of me hearties, here are two pictures my fiance has concocted of our pet rats:

Meet Parka Scallywag Jones 


 and Pixel Scurvylegs McGee


Intolerably cute? I’d say so.


2 thoughts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day – The Rat Edition

  1. So freaking adorable! I’m scared of rats (the prehensile tails FREAK me out), but I’ll cuddle this pirate rodent!

    How did you get it to stay still for the eye patch?

  2. Glad you like it! Their tails freak a lot of people out, but they don’t bother me. They’re just my squishy boys. And Matt’s a wizard with photoshop. I swore I’d never be the lady that dresses her pets up, so photoshopped dressed-up pets will have to suffice. They wouldn’t hold still for a hat, let alone an eyepatch, anyway. They’re squirmy little buggers.

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